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Best Way To Wash Your Lace Bralettes

Delicate lace bralettes are a beautiful investment, so we recommend washing them with the utmost care. Lace can easily get destroyed or start piling if not correctly managed. Therefore, hand washing with gentle laundry soap or machine washing with a separate mesh bag will give you the best results. Also, due to the lace, bralettes can air-dry very quickly.

Grab these tools for lingerie washing:

Delicate laundry soap, medium-sized bucket or mesh laundry pouch, stain remover stick, and a hanger.

Follow the steps below, and your lingerie will look beautiful for years to come!

Step 1:

Hand Washing:
Sort your bralettes by color and mix one teaspoon of delicate laundry soap with 2 cups of cold water in a medium-sized tub. Soak for 10 minutes. Add more time if the bralettes have tough stains.


Machine Washing:

Insert bralettes in a laundry mesh bag and run a delicate cycle wash with cold water.

Step 2:

Treat Stains:
If there are sweat stains or milk leaks, apply a stain stick remover or a toothbrush with laundry soap and gently scrub the stain until it is all clear.

Step 3:

Lay flat to dry, or use hangers to hang the bralettes by their shoulder straps to dry quickly.

**If you use the medium-sized bucket, then leave it to hang dry outside on a warm summer day.


Shopping List:

Nursing bralettes by Oh La Lari®

Laundry soap by Natural Seventh Generations Detergent located at Target

Stain stick by H2O at Home Netepur stick

Medium-sized tub located at the 99 Cents Store



Corinne Braunwarth 

Owner, Designer, Mom of Oh La Lari®

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