Going Back To Work After Baby

As mothers, we are judged by society way too much and inundated with opinions from others.

For example, some people strongly believe we should stay home and take care of our kids so they have a constant, nurturing presence. Others firmly say we need to go back to work to show our children the importance of a career.

How do you decide what is best? At Oh La Lari, we empower women during this pivotal point in their lives so they will have the confidence to make this decision. Ultimately, you will know what is best for your family. 

There is never judgment here; only encouragement, so whatever you decide when maternity leave is over, make sure to keep your Oh La Lari nursing bras and camis. It will make life so much easier for pumping at work or running errands with your baby. However you do motherhood, we're here for you!

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