Meet the Designer



Thank you for your interest in Oh La Lari! I'm Corinne, and I created this company with a set goal in mind: to bring a touch of femininity and self-love to nursing mothers everywhere!

Prior to starting my family, I attended Berkeley College in New York City for fashion and business marketing, and worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years in Los Angeles.

Today, I am settled in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. I have two loving sons and an amazing, hard-working husband to call my family. One thing about motherhood that I realized, though, is that sometimes we lose ourselves. When looking for nursing bras for myself, I wasn't able to find anything lacy or cute that I would feel sexy in. So, what did I decide to do? With my passion for fashion, I designed a special one! After over a year of perfecting the design and getting input from my nursing mother friends, I designed this romantic bra with amazing multitasking mothers (yes, you!) in mind. They are comfortable (wireless), sexy, easily adjustable, and they can be switched from the standard style to a racer-back. They were created to fit your individual needs, and are versatile, just like we mothers need to be! After selling out of my first order, I decided to expand the business by offering beautiful lace camisoles and organic nursing pads. I plan to continue this movement by designing more maternity lingerie in the future.

As mothers, we all deserve to feel strong, confident, and beautiful while devoting most of our time to nursing.  Join our (oh so comfortable) quest in boosting self-confidence, and feeling desired one mama at a time!

For mothers, by a mother, with love!