How do I fasten to racerback?
You will find a hook and ring fastener on the back. Reach over your shoulders to attach the hook to the ring.  For a better fit, when you do racerback, the straps should be more extended than the standard position. The fastener hook can rotate into the strap when not used. You can simply turn it back out into the center back to fasten.  Now you can enjoy an adjustable bra that you can clip or unclip to make racerback at your convenience.


Are the pads removable?
Yes! The cups are fully lined with removable pads.  The pads add support and in case you have a small leak while nursing. The pads are not absorbent enough to collect a let down.


Can you wash the bra in the washing machine?
The delicate lace should be hand wash only and lined dry. Please do not use bleach, or tumble dry. The bra doesn't need to be ironed!


Is the waistband adjustable?
Yes! You will find on the strap there are 4 hooks to make it more adjustable to fit your size fluctuations. Most bra's have a wider strap, I wanted to create a simple elastic design to give you a sexier look!


Does this bra come in extra large?
As of right now I'm working on adding an extra large.  Stay in tuned, this size is coming soon!