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I lost my mom to breast cancer.


When my mom passed away from breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago, my whole world turned upside down. My youngest son, Wyatt was only 11 months old when it happened. Somehow, I was supposed to hold it altogether but being that I’m a stay at home mom with a husbands busy schedule, I had to be strong and care for my son. The depression took over my life like a 2 year old tantrum that never stops. How would I be able to grieve this horrible loss, while caring for a carefree beautiful child and dealing with horrible hormones as I found out I was pregnant with my second son, Wesley? The guilt sank in entirely, and I lost myself. My poor husband, Karl had to deal with most of the heartache. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to get out of bed, if it wasn’t for him.   

"Being a mother, without a mother is the hardest, most heartbreaking challenge. There isn't a day that goes by, where I wish I could tell her that she was a perfect mom, now that I’m raising children of my own.  I admire everything she was and hope I can be as good of a mother as she was to my sister and I."    

The reason why I started Oh La Lari is all because of her. She was compassionate, selfless and loved every person that she was in contact with.  With her inspiration in mind, my goal is to give back to moms as my mom did for me. If you're dealing with postpartum depression, it is easy to get lost in motherhood. Oh La Lari stands for feeling sexy and regaining your whole self again. When I wear my sexy bralette, I feel this sense of power and confidence. After building that confidence back, my marriage has thrived and we became a family again.  I hope I can spread this awareness to all the moms everywhere.   

When my mother was diagnosed with her first battle of breast cancer, I was working for a company called Chan Luu, and we collaborated with At the time, the founder Marissa Weiss called my mother and provided her with so much support to get through this horrible disease.   

So for the month of October, I will donate 10% of all sales to     

I want to give back to every women and loved ones that have or had breast cancer.

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