Perl Grey Oh La Lari Bra and Tank top- with lace details. Lovely!

March 14, 2019, by Sara Cozzani

I just now received this fantastic underwear from Oh La Lari. In my opinion a wonderful brand! I am a brand that deals with underwear for pregnant women. And the thing I love about this company is that, unlike many others, especially in underwear but in general, brings as key elegance and sensuality even in maternity underwear. I’ve shot several specific shops for pregnant women or not (most of them have small departments with just something dedicated to us) and most of them are scary. And not in the good sense of the word, then the bras with the fact that they have to support the continuous growth of the breast, with this excuse we seem to go back at least 50 years. There are the classic bras that still carry our grandmothers, maybe flesh-colored! I have the creeps at the thought of ever being able to wear such an underwear! So for now, although I’m already at the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy I’m still left to my bras (until I enter say). But this brand has made me re-evaluate the category of bras for pregnant women. So thank you! Let’s go back to the two pieces I received. The bra really romantic, all finished in lace with the cross on the back always in lace. is available in black, flesh-colored and precisely gray. The sizes are from XS to XL. Like any lace bra, it can be washed by hand. It is also easy to close. The materials are Layer, Nylon and cotton. This bra makes you feel like a mother but especially a woman because it gives that touch of femininity and romance.
Really quality It is called Bralette nursing if you want to take a look at the site. Instead the tank top is called Camisole. It too is really super soft and comfortable.

Instead the tank top is called Camisole. It too is really super soft and comfortable. It is seamless and with already integrated bra a sexy detail in lace embroidered by hand that makes that touch of elegance. You can wear it both at home and to get out everything is about how you match it. Elastic material that fits your body during and after pregnancy. Adjustable shoulders that unfasten easily to facilitate breastfeeding. The fabric is made of soft breathable bamboo and elastic spandex, makes you feel fresh and comfortable. It is available in black, grey and pink. Sizes always from XS to XL. Very romantic brand!

Sito OhLaLari

Price bra: 42,00$

Price tank top: 55,00$

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