Sexy Nursing Bralettes for Petite Moms that Actually FIT

When you first have a baby it can be a magical, amazing time…..but it can also be a super vulnerable time for new moms. Your body is changing, you now have to worry about leaks, and you certainly aren’t well rested which makes everything more difficult to manage.

Now what if on top of all of that, you have a small bust that you are desperately trying to find the right fitting nursing bra for during your breastfeeding journey?

Is there a nursing bra out there for small-chested moms that fits well AND is beautiful?

Oh La Lari® is all about empowering women to feel confident and sexy during this important time in their lives…no matter what size you are!

Petite moms deserve a comfortable, yet sexy nursing bra that is designed with them in mind. Oh La Lari® had small-chested mamas in mind when it recently added both XS and S sizes of its lace specially-designed, nursing bralette.

The brand’s signature nursing bralette, of course, has quick access for breastfeeding like any good nursing bra should, but it does it with a deep V-neck lace detail that hides discretely under any top and looks super sexy.

Bonus! The pads are removable and will provide sleek cleavage and serve as your leak protection.

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Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Bra for Petite Moms

Avoid Too Much Coverage

The first common mistake we see petite nursing moms run into is that they end up with an overly supportive nursing bra. You certainly want support and comfort in your nursing bra, but a bra that provides too much coverage can make you look and feel frumpy. This won’t help you gain back your confidence.

The Oh La Lari® nursing bralette has a skinny waistband without bulky underwires and just the right amount of material to help you feel supported without being weighted down.

Ditch Major Gapping

Just like before you were nursing, you aren’t interested in a bra that gaps around your breasts. Your clothing doesn’t look right, and you don’t feel very supported. This can be a big issue with nursing bras, too. You want a sleek, smooth fit that naturally fits around your boobs.

The Oh La Lari® nursing bralette will give you the support you need with its smooth fitting triangular cups making your look flattering. The cups are lined with breathable cotton fabric and removable padding. So soft against your skin and it will add extra protection from leakage.

Find a Bra That Transitions With You

Some women can go up to one or two cup sizes once her milk comes in. However, after about 3 to 6 months, most women notice their cup size goes back down and sometimes ends up smaller than it was before.

Either way, your breasts will be less perky (nothing shocking here, but we’re sorry nonetheless!). With all the fluctuations in your chest throughout pregnancy, and nursing after the first several months, you need a bra that will not only be around for the long haul but that will look great at all stages.


Enter Oh La Lari’s nursing bralette. The skinny, simple, and soft elastic waistband is slim in design and has four fasteners on the waistband that ensure an adjustable fit as your body fluctuates throughout motherhood.

Plus, the easy to use hook and eye clasp creates an adjustable racerback that you can switch up to make it a standard or racerback setting giving you more versatility as your needs change as you progress in your nursing journey.

And, the good news? We recently added two sizes for petite moms: XS and S. 

  • X-Small: 28AA, 28A, 28B, 28C, 30AA, 30A
  • Small: 28D, 28DD, 30B, 30C, 30D, 30DD, 32AA, 32A, 32B


Before motherhood, what did it feel like when you got a sexy new bra? I bet you were excited, felt sexy, and it looked beautiful. Why shouldn’t that be the same when you buy your first nursing lingerie? It is time for a change, and Oh La Lari® will make sure of it.

Your small chest should feel and look flattering just the way it is all the way through your nursing journey. Be confident, be amazing, and be you with your first Oh La Lari® nursing bralette.


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