Sexy Nursing Bras?

Sexy Nursing Bras?!

Written By Jamisyn Smith at Desert Moms Blog

Where are my nursing moms at?

We deal with a lot. Fluctuating hormone levels, no sleep, ever-changing boob sizes, and let's not even start on the healing process after childbirth. Some of us have lady bits that seem to resemble a scene from a gory horror movie, while some of us are recovering from a large incision cut across our lower abdomen and even laughing causes us pain.

No matter which camp we find ourselves in, we all end up wondering the same thing, "Will I ever feel like me again?"


Just a few weeks ago, my husband walked in the room as I was putting on my nursing bra. You know the one, it has six rows of hooks on the band and looks like the offspring of my great grandma's bra and one of my training bras from middle school.

He gave me those "bedroom eyes" and I sat down on the bed in defeat. All I could think was, "Don't look at me like that, I'm just in a frumpy mom bra."

Now, I know my self-worth shouldn't come from what I put on my body, but can't we all agree that it gets a little easier to love yourself when you own clothing that flatters you?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Enter in Oh La Lari. Nursing bras and camisoles designed by a *local* mama who knows what it's like to want to feel sexy again. When I was given an opportunity to try one of their nursing bralettes and camis, you better believe I jumped on that offer right away.


After wearing the bralette and the cami around for a week and browsing their website a bit, here's what I love most...


1. They truly are beautiful.

When I first tried them on, I could hear Shania Twain burst into song, because I felt like a woman. The lace makes me feel so feminine, and my husband would be the first to say how flattering they are. *wink wink*

2. They're comfortable and practical.

Both the nursing bralette and the cami are soft and supportive, they unlatch at the top of the cup (or base of the shoulder strap) for easy nursing access, and they don't dig in anywhere. To put it simply, I slept in both of them and it was like they weren't even there. All the benefits of a practical, frumpy nursing bra, without the frump

3. The sizing is accurate.

I read the size chart before ordering, and they fit perfectly. Always make sure to measure yourself to ensure that you order the correct size! (*Bonus, the cami isn't ridiculously long like all of my other nursing tanks. Anyone else have that problem?) 

4. They come in my favorite colors.

The bralette comes in Black, Nude, and French Grey, and you can find the cami in Black Lace, Glowing Grey Lace, and Dusty Rose and White Lace. All neutrals with a little blush pink thrown in there. Speakin' my language.

5. You can Amazon Prime it!

This one is always a win for me. If I can order it on Amazon Prime and have it on my doorstep in two days, I'm sold. 

In short, I think every mama needs one (or all!) of these bralettes and camis. I'm so grateful for Corinne, the mama behind Oh La Lari, she GETS me. Who would have thought that something so simple could make me feel so human again?

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