The nursing bralette you need in your life!

The nursing bralette you need in your life!

My ugly bra (left), my new Oh La Lari Bralette (right)

On the left is the typical bra that I wear most days. This isn’t the best one I own… but it isn’t the WORST one either. Ouch. On the right you can see the beautiful bralette I got the opportunity to try. Nursing bra upgrade, lucky me! 

It is so cute and I can safely say it is the first nursing bra I have actually WANTED to wear. My husband didn’t even notice that it was a “nursing” bra *wink*. The single hook waistband made me feel like I was wearing a bra meant for someone my age, rather than a “granny bra”.

Check out the Seacoast Moms Blog written by, Lydia Garnhart. 




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