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What Your Best Friend Never Told You About Breastfeeding


I couldn’t wait. I was so excited to snuggle my sweet little baby and lovingly provide him the nourishment he needed to sustain life. After waiting nine long months, the time was finally here to breastfeed my baby boy.

I half expected harps and violins to be playing in the background while tears of joy streamed down my face.

It turns out I was only half right. I did have tears streaming down my face, but not of joy…of pain!

“I was excited for this? Was I crazy? This really hurts! Is it supposed to hurt?” So much of what I heard beforehand talked about it being a magical experience filled with loving gazes and a perfect harmony with your baby. Well, at first it wasn’t so easy for me. After seeking help from family and friends, and a lactation consultant it finally got better.

This is exactly what urged me to ask all of my customers, “What are the best breastfeeding and support tips you can give a new mom?”


Hi, I’m Corinne. As the owner of, Oh La Lari®, I want to help you have the best start possible to your breastfeeding journey because it truly can be a special time and experience in your life. The tribe came together to share the honest truth about breastfeeding to help you get started.

The Breastfeeding Secret You Need To Know

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Read that again because it’s so true.

The commitment and trial and error during the first couple of weeks can be very difficult.

Here are some helpful breastfeeding tips to shorten your learning curve. 

Skin To Skin Contact

Immediate skin to skin contact with your newborn has proven to enable an emotional bond between you and your baby and release the prolactin hormone that stimulates milk production.

So hunker down and enjoy those sweet moments with your newborn!

Ensure Latch Accuracy

Hiring a lactation consultant or doula can help you right out of the gate with finding the proper latch. If your baby is not properly latched on to your breast, it can be very painful and he/she may not be getting enough milk. There should be no searing, ripping, pinching, or burning sensation.

Keep in mind, every baby is born differently. Lip and tongue ties can make it hard (and painful) to breastfeed. They are also quite common. If you have any concerns, it's worth getting it checked out out by a reliable provider, or getting a second opinion, if necessary.

One solution that may be suggested is to use a nipple shield while working on a better latch as it can provide you some relief. If you are curious what a lip or tongue tie looks like, click here for more insight.

Breast Massage

Massaging your breast while breastfeeding can help increase your milk supply. This will also help if you have clogged milk ducts. You’ll notice you have a clogged duct if you feel a pea-shaped bump in one of your breasts. Focus your massage on that area during feedings to help unclog the area.   

For even more help with clogged ducts, place a warm washcloth on the area with the affected area then massage it during feedings.

Nipple Cream, Gel Pads, and Reusable Nursing Pads

In the first couple of weeks, rub nipple cream on your nipples after each breastfeeding session. Several of us really like Earth Mama Organic Nipple butter. This will help protect your nipples from cracks and bleeding. If your baby is allergic, you can also use your own breastmilk or coconut oil. 

Nipple and breast gel pads can also give you some relief in-between feedings, especially during the first few days when your milk is coming in and you feel very engorged. 

The Oh La Lari® nursing pads are the perfect solution for protecting your clothes from unexpected leaks. They’re contoured to discreetly slip inside your undergarment, made with breathable hypoallergenic organic cotton so you know only safe ingredients are on the area where your baby will nurse. The 3 layers of absorbency will keep you feeling dry. Plus, they are machine washable and buying reusable ones help reduce waste.

Hand Pumps

It’s worth it! Invest in a silicone hand pump. We recommend Haaka. This is different than an electric pump and will not cause your supply to increase. Simply place it on the opposite breast while feeding to collect your milk let down. It’s a no-brainer way to build your stash and not waste a single drop of your precious “liquid gold”!

Beware of Mastitis

What is mastitis? Mastitis occurs when inflammation of the breast tissue involves an infection.

This primarily happens when stagnant milk gets trapped in the breast and leads to an infection. It may be because you don’t fully empty out your milk frequently enough or you have a clogged milk duct. It could also be that bacteria from your skin or your baby’s mouth entered your breast through a crack in the nipple or milk duct.

Symptoms include breast pain, swelling, warmth, and redness, plus you may have a quick onset fever and chills. Call your doctor when this occurs. Antibiotics can quickly help you feel better and reduce the chances your milk supply will decrease. 

One way to help prevent Mastitis is to avoid tight-fitting or wired nursing bras because they put pressure on the breasts. The Oh La Lari® nursing bralettes are a perfect solution due to their non-wired elastic waistbands, plus their unique racerback make it versatile!


Breastfeeding Schedules

Feed your baby on demand. When you feel your baby needs it, follow their cue.

In the first couple of weeks, feeding on demand will help build your milk supply and benefit your baby’s emotional and cognitive development.

Over the first few months, they’ll have several periods of time when they will cluster feed which means they will nurse somewhat back to back for an entire day or two. This is normal! This is how the baby is slowly increasing your milk supply to prepare for their upcoming growth spurt. It’s amazing!

Be Prepared for Hunger and Stay Hydrated

Bonus! You will burn up to 200-500 extra calories breastfeeding each day. Don’t be surprised if you are very hungry and have an insatiable thirst. The tribe recommends having healthy snacks near by, with you at work, and stashed away in the car. Plus, it’s super important to drink at least 12 eight ounce glasses of water a day. You’ll need it to keep up your milk supply and stay healthy. 

Let It Go

There will be a million little things and chores to accomplish each day and your mind may wander as you rock away nursing your baby, hour after hour, day after day. We encourage you to let go of whatever you wanted to accomplish that day or how badly you “needed” XYZ and try to simply be there in moment with your baby.

Feeling present and in-tune with your baby’s cues, especially in the beginning, can make a big difference in how quickly you both adapt to breastfeeding.

Communicate with your partner about how important breastfeeding is to you and ask for their support and encouragement. You will need a cheerleader some days when you want to give up, so having them on the same page from the get-go will come in handy.

Mommy Groups

Do you really need to join a mommy group? Yes! Join some sort of a support network. It may not necessarily be a “mom’s group”, but we highly recommend having a community of people going through a similar stage of life as you during this time.

It’s a huge life transition for first time moms, and it will help to know you aren’t alone in your struggles. Every mama has a story and you’d be surprised how many line up with yours. Plus, it is a great group to ask questions to about this new life, and it is safe place to practice taking your baby out in public. 

Postpartum Depression

Approximately 70-80% of women suffer from the “baby blues” after childbirth. This may be classified as mood swings or negative feelings. It may also come with confusion for feeling this way after such a joyous occasion happened. This generally lasts for a few weeks after childbirth, however talking about your emotions and life changes can certainly help.

Some women experience postpartum depression which typically starts around month 2 or 3 but can happen anytime within the first year. If you’re feeling prolonged sadness, anxiety, irritability, overwhelm, or have an unusual amount of crying for no specific reason or trouble sleeping, then speak to a doctor or psychologist. They can perform tests to determine if you are depressed and provide resources if needed. There’s no harm in getting their opinion!

Feel Sexy While Breastfeeding

During this time, it's hard to feel sexy. It's easy to lose yourself, and not feel confident. The list of negative feelings can be long. With the physical changes in your body and self-esteem, lower estrogen hormones, sleep deprivation, overall exhaustion, postpartum mind games, and low sex drive it's easy to feel "touched out".

The tribe recommends communicating with your partner and taking the time to love your new postpartum body. I promise you will get your groove back. This feeling will not last forever.

For me, when I designed the sexy nursing bralette, it changed my confidence right soon as I put it on. I finally felt like myself again. The way I acted and the way I looked at things was different. It was like my little secret. It's amazing what a little lingerie can do to your self-esteem. See for yourself! Grab some sexy lacy nursing lingerie by Oh La Lari® to help get you back to feeling more like yourself.

There you have it!

The Oh La Lari® tribe’s breastfeeding tips to help you start your nursing journey off on the right foot. Enjoy the ups and downs, and along way if you lose yourself, get in touch. We’ll be here to cheer you on!

Thanks for reading,

Corinne Braunwarth
CEO of Oh La Lari®

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