Nursing Cami With Built In Bra

August 26, 2018

So many people google "Do I REALLY need nursing tanks?" 

Are you pregnant, fantisizing about meeting your new baby soon, but also stressed if you have everything ready? Well, you're not alone! One thing that is on your hospital bag list is a nursing bra and camisole. But why? 

Well, it’s because breastfeeding is highly encouraged for the first minutes of life. As you see everywhere, there are numerous articles about the benefits and importance of breastfeeding for your baby’s health, which can also be a bit intimating and overwhelming.

It is no piece of cake, let me tell you. Between breastfeeding sessions, sore nipples, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and other daily responsibilities, I know that you have a chaotic, new mom, busy schedule. 

So to make breastfeeding quick and easy, nursing bras and camisoles were carefully designed. GAME CHANGER! 

Our OH LA LARI nursing camisole is available to simplify your daily routine for a quick nursing session when out running errands, or relaxing at home. There’s less coordination needed for breastfeeding in a nursing cami, because instead of pulling aside your shirt and unclasping your nursing bra, you just have to unclip your nursing cami strap for quick and easy breast access.

Why, is mine more special?  The nursing cami has beautiful, soft lace detail that wraps around your bosom. You can still feel feminine and sexy while nursing. BONUS! 

Nursing cami with built in bra adds double-layer cotton with light padding for extra support, and room to insert nursing pads for some leakage protection and to help protect sore nipples.  

The tag-less label with seamless design provides seams that won’t itch. Designed longer in length to fit during and after pregnancy.

Made with a super-soft, premium, breathable bamboo and stretchy spandex combination, this cami keeps you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable.

Perfectly designed to wear as a basic piece, or to dress up your wardrobe with a cute blouse, while still enjoying the same wonderful breastfeeding support—the best of both worlds! 


Looking to update your plain nursing cami? Try an Oh La Lari nursing cami and show off your sexy mom bod!


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Written by,

Corinne Braunwarth

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