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World Breastfeeding Week 2019

July 29, 2019

World Breastfeeding Week 2019

Mamas around the world Breastfeeding Awareness Week starts August 1.

Our love for our children unites us, and what’s a more fulfilling way to show that love than breastfeeding?

World Breastfeeding Week celebrates the good and the bad of breastfeeding. As women, we have the amazing power to completely nourish our children. Let’s celebrate our unique ability and unite to overcome the obstacles of breastfeeding.

I’d love to hear from you, What does Breastfeeding Week mean to you?

My breastfeeding journey wasn’t easy. I suffered from postpartum depression after losing my mom to breast cancer and dealing with latch issues. To make things worse, my doctor told me my milk wasn’t good enough because my boys were not gaining weight.  It made me feel like I wasn’t enough as a mother.  That I wasn’t a good mom.  Later, I found out my sons struggled because they were lip and tongue tied.

I hear so many stories of moms dealing with the pressure of breastfeeding.

It’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood, this is why I designed sexy lacy nursing lingerie to help nursing moms feel sexy and confident.  To rock the obstacles of breastfeeding knowing they’re enough. 

I’m inspired to be a part of your breastfeeding journey.

Comment below about your breastfeeding, sexy mama!

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