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Simple Tips To Properly Measure Your Maternity Bra Size

Need help figuring out your breastfeeding/nursing bra size? No problem! Just follow these simple steps. First, you'll need a flexible measuring tape to measure the distance. Don't worry if you get an odd number, just round up to the nearest even number. Now, let's get started! Step 1: Measure Your Band Size. Wrap the measuring tape snugly around your ribcage, right under your bust. Again, if you get an odd number, just round up to the nearest even number. For example, if you measure as a 31", your rib size is 32". And if you don't have a measuring tape, no worries - just use a string or shoelace and then measure it with a tape measure. Step 2: Measure...

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How To Pump Hands-Free With Your Nursing Bralette

We understand. There are so many choices when searching for the perfect hands-free nursing bra. But do you honestly need to spend the money to purchase another bra when you decide to start pumping? These specialty bras can be expensive when you add up everything you already have to purchase while pregnant. At Oh La Lari®, we aim to empower mothers with a touch of luxury and a sprinkle of sexy to your nursing lingerie. Our innovative, comfortable, affordable nursing bralettes are perfect for your hands-free pumping bras. Before you start pumping, we recommend finding the perfect size breast pump flange. A breast pump flange is a plastic cover piece that fits over your nipple to form a seal around...

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